Upcycling vs Recycling | What’s the Difference?


Upcycling is the new wave of recycling objects and materials. Instead of losing quality in an existing product as it is broken down, upcycling uses older products to their full potential while saving time and energy.

Upcycling uses very little energy when being produced, leaving behind a higher quality product. The possibilities are endless for CRUSH when we upcycle construction and demolition materials into various new products. CRUSH maintains the high quality of the product and gives it a new purpose. A better choice for the environment, upcycling generates very little waste and results in a higher quality product that will last consumers a lot longer.

Upcycling And It’s Advantages

Upcycling is when you recycle materials so that the resulting product’s value and application are higher than the original item. CRUSH supply’s goal is to create objects of great value from discarded objects of lesser value. 

Advantages Of Upcycling:

√ Produces a product into a completely new product

√ Requires very little energy

√ Unlimited use of raw materials

√ Produces a better quality material without causing any damage to it.

Recycling And It’s Disadvantages 

Recycling is when you reuse material through a series of changes or treatments to alter or make a substance available for reuse for biological activities through natural processes of biochemical degradation or modification.

Disadvantages of Recycling

X Produces a product that is the same material as the original

X Requires high amounts of energy

X Limited use of raw material

X Process breaks down original material and weakens the material.

Upcycling allows CRUSH to maintain and protect the value of the material we produce. It’s crucial to continue upcycling these materials and avoid landfills. Upcycling is a better choice for the environment and generates very little waste. Upcycling also produces a higher quality product that will fit consumers’ needs much longer. CRUSH understands the limitations of recycling and continues to provide creative options for delivering quality upcycled and recycled materials to help preserve the environment for our future generations. If you would like to be part of Crush Supply’s mission to recycle materials, promote a greener Florida, and approach building and construction with a different mindset, we would love to hear from you.

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