Choosing the Right Material for Your Next Building Project


Getting suitable materials for your construction project is vital for the success of your next project. If you use the wrong material, your project could experience future issues. It is essential to ensure you have the right supplies for your project, and that is what we do at Crush Supply.

There are two routes a buyer can choose from when purchasing material. The material needed can be produced from mined, virgin material, or upcycled construction and demolition materials. The upcycled material significantly extends the life of the aggregate mining industry and is beneficial to the environment. Upcycled material prevents used, mined material from being disposed of in a landfill and extends the material’s potential and life cycle.

Upcycled material is of the same quality as mined material and weighs less. Reduced weight in upcycled materials allows the construction cost of your project to decrease. The materials CRUSH offers are 57 stone, road base, screenings, oversized aggregates, crushed asphalt, and rip rap. When selecting your upcycled material, it’s essential to know the type of job it’s for and the size of material needed. Each material has different properties and uses.


57 Stone

– Crushed concrete

– Graded 2″ minus

– LBR’s over 150

– Used as a base in roadways or parking lots

Road base

– Crushed concrete

– Graded 1″ ¼”

– Used for pipe bedding stabilization and as a drainage aggregate


– Crushed concrete

– Graded 3/8″ to dust

– LBR’s of over 100

– Used as a base material in parking lots, roadways, pavers, and as a stabilizing material.

Aggregates and “Oversized”

– Crushed concrete

– Graded 6″ – 26″

– 4 lbs. to 75 lbs.

– Used for erosions protection and ditch lining.

– Used for construction entrance / entrance rock

Crushed Asphalt

– Graded 2″ minus

– Prescreened before crushing

Rip Rap

– Crushed concrete

– Graded 6″ – 16″

– 4 lbs. – 75 lbs.

– Used for erosion protection and ditch lining

Follow these guidelines to choose the right material for you. Avoid choosing a material for your upcoming project that will lead to issues and further costs in the long run. Upcycled material will save you in project costs and be beneficial in lowering the demand for virgin material.

Crush Supply knows how to help you find the right materials with our robust vendor network. Contact us today if you are looking for a great partner who can help you navigate upcycling and material selections for your next winning project!

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