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There are two options in the aggregate production and concrete recycling industry when purchasing replacement parts for equipment. They are Original Equipment Manufacturers, also known as OEM parts and after-market parts. There is some controversy surrounding the term “after-market.” Does an inexpensive part translate to a poorer-quality part? Created below is a list of pros and cons to help make a more informed decision when choosing replacement equipment parts. From there, you can strike a balance between cost and quality parts that suit your needs.

What are after-market parts?

An after-market part is a product or part not sourced from the equipment’s manufacturer. Numerous third-party manufacturers make parts designed to function the same, or in some cases, even better than the original. The key is to be an informed consumer, shop around, and ask questions. 

What are Original Equipment Manufacturer parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, also known as OEM, match the machine’s features and specs as the manufacturer initially created for the product. OEM parts are strictly from the equipment provider and not a third party. Some manufacturers will only allow you to use their OEM parts to qualify under their warranty. If after-market parts are used, it may conflict with your machine’s warranty.

Aftermarket Parts


Less expensive: After-market parts are cost-effective compared to OEM parts; how much you save depends on the brand and your situation. It is always best to shop around to find the most economical option and estimate how much your parts should cost. If it’s “too good to be true, ” ask questions about parts quality and performance.

Quality can be equal to or greater than OEM: Through searching, you can discover a better functioning part than what is provided from the OEM. Often, after-market manufacturing companies reverse-engineer the part to test and resolve the inefficiencies. After-market manufacturers design parts that help balance cost, durability, and performance to produce the best high-quality and affordable product.


Quality Can Vary: Purchasing after-market parts makes you vulnerable to the risk of purchasing an inferior part due to the use of lower-quality materials. It’s essential to research manufacturers and choose after-market brands/vendors that are highly recommended or that you are familiar with. 

Overwhelming selection: If you’re not familiar with after-market brands, the choices of providers could be overwhelming. A part as simple as a spark plug can be made by dozens of companies and come in numerous variations. Consult your mechanic for the best option for your equipment needs.

OEM Parts


Warranties: Most manufacturers include a warranty with their OEM parts. Depending on the warranty, your repairs may be covered by the dealer. 

Quality: The OEM part is an exact replacement to what originally came in the machine. The fit is 100% guaranteed to be perfect and will perform exactly like the one you are replacing.


Cost: In most cases, OEM parts sell for a higher price than after-market parts. Manufacturers often profit by charging a premium on warranties and service parts.

Limited options: There are limited resources when sourcing an OEM part. A majority of consumers will go straight to the source due to availability. It’s standard for most vendors to charge a mark-up fee and include a wait time while waiting on the item from the manufacturer. 

­­­Best way to go?

If you are familiar with your crusher and several brands of after-market parts, they can save you tons of money in the long run. If you are not confident purchasing after-market parts and don’t mind paying a little more for peace of mind, OEM parts are the best fit for you. 

People mainly purchase OEM parts because of the peace of mind knowing the part will be a 100% match. People pay more with the impression that OEM is superior to after-market items. However, that is not always true. There are many after-market parts equal to or better than OEM parts. So, you might be paying extra only for the name.

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